Act-no-ReacT! The power of art in changing life stories


Act-no-ReacT! The power of art in changing life stories
Erasmus+ project - KA1 (Mobility of Youth Workers)

The aim of this project was to increase the quality of services provided by youth workers, which are working with the topic of violence, discrimination and bullying in the educational field and with youngsters which in their studies were victims of physical, verbal and emotional aggression of the others.

The objectives through which we accomplished our aim were the following:

O1. Competences development for 21 youth workers in using nonformal methods for organizing activities in order to decrease bullying phenomenon and to increase the awareness of its effects on a long term. This objective was accomplished through a training course which took place in Iasi, Romania, on 17-22 of February 2020.

O2. The elaboration of a personal development program/ toolkit for youth workers which are working in context with physical, verbal and emotional violence. This objective was achieved though the elaboration of the youth worker’s toolkit, on the topic of bullying, with the latest strategy of decreasing this phenomenon.

O3. Increasing the organizational capacity of 7 NGOs from Youth field, to develop activities for youngsters suffering of bullying and to help them increase their capacity for developing the independent life. This objective was achieved through all the partners actions of preparing the mobility and to organize follow-up activities with workshops, online events and audio-video materials to prevent bullying.

Who developed this project:
Gamma Institute, Iasi, Romania - Coordinator
Aspaym Castilla y Leon, Valladolid, Spain - Partner
CEIPES, Palermo, Italy - Partner
CheckIn Association, Beja, Portugal - Partner
Institute of Animation and Social Development, Lublin, Poland - Partner
Cie Essevesse, Marseille, France - Partner
Euni Partners, Blagoevgrad

After the Training Course in Iasi, Romania, in which 21 youth workers participanted, we developed a broshure, with concrete strategies that youth workers can use, for increase the awareness about bullying and decrease conflictual situations in a group. You can download the broshure here: