The Book of Life: Write your own bestseller!


THE BOOK OF LIFE: Write your own bestseller!

Project Number: 2020-2-RO01-KA205-080635
Duration: December 2020 - November 2022
Funded by: Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union - Strategic Partnership  

Coordinator: GAMMA Institute (Romania)
Partners: CEIPES (Italy), ASPAYM Castilla y Leon (Spain), Check-In Association (Portugal), Institute of Animation and Social Development (Poland)

The project "The book of Life - Write your own bestseller" is a strategic partnership project that aims to achieve a transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation in order to developing, testing and implementing innovative non-formal methods of working with young people, through combined expressive techniques, to increase their involvement in community life, to motivate them to become the architects of their own lives and to teach them how to gain independence to build a healthy, personal lifestyle and professional.
The specific objectives that meet the general purpose are:
O1. Increasing young people's ability to plan and implement a healthy lifestyle (physical, mental, emotional and relational) through innovative tools of expressive type, in the process of personal and professional development.

O2. Increasing the quality of non-formal activities in the field of youth, by developing, testing and disseminating a personal and professional development toolkit for young people, as well as and an integrated intervention program that youth workers can use to develop young people's independent decision-making capacity.

O3. Increasing the organizational capacity of 5 European youth organizations, to use non-formal tools focused on the personal development of young people and to develop sustainable working methodologies in the field of youth.

Expected results:

1. A strategic partnership focused on the specific needs of youth workers in partner organizations, which will increase the organizational capacity of the 5 partners to work with young people, using various non-formal education tools, but especially to advise youth workers in choosing these tools in a way that takes into account their own work style, learning and the stage in which he is in terms of developing his own career in the field of youth.

2. The book of life toolkit for young people - is the most important result of this project, being part of the intellectual product The book of life. Represents the contouring manual of personal and professional identity of young people, describing in detail how certain difficulties arise in life, and to solve them you need some life skills (what are described in this manual). This part of the intellectual product of the project represents the "Manual of life instructions" that any young person would like to have and integrate in the moment he decides to leave home and embark on an independent life.

3. Intensive training curriculum for youth workers - is part of the intellectual product The book of life and is the part addressed to specialists in the field of youth. The personal development program includes 10 meetings of 2 hours each, in an 20-hour personal development program, which can be applied intensively or separately and which describes concrete activities through which youth workers can help young people in shaping their lifestyle and healthy lifestyle.

4. Web platform with resources for young people and youth workers - platform for exchanging good practices The book of Life is an online space, also part of the intellectual product and will function as a virtual space that youth and youth organizations can enter to update themselves with new information. Also, the platform will function mainly as a a psycho-professional counseling and guidance platform for youth workers, through which they can access questionnaires, read psycho-professional profiles and self-assess themselves from perspective of skills, knowledge and competencies so that they are aware of the area in which they want to go further in their professional path and whether they want to practice the profession of long-term youth worker, what are the internship opportunities and what non-formal working methods best suit them according to the personality profile on who have it. Young people will have access to multiple resources: the "Tips & Tricks for Life" manual, the "Life Planner" sheet, the "The book of life" printable agenda, the "My bestseller - the comic" hero's journey "

5. A training (short-term joint staff mobility) of 15 trainers / youth workers from the 5 partner organizations, which will deepen the way they can advise young people for planning and implementing a healthy lifestyle. The main purpose of the training is to teach youth workers to use the entire The book of life kit in their work. daily, not only in an integrated format, but also as separate tools.

6. A group of 200 youth from 5 European countries, who will benefit from a psycho-professional development program and training in modeling the identity of a youth worker during 18 hours of training in the curriculum mentioned above, which is part of the intellectual product The book of life. They will also have priority in making a account on the web platform and will be instructed directly by the 15 trainers regarding its use, so that they, in turn, will instruct their colleagues from other organizations. youth.

7. 5 multiplication events, one in each country, in which the partner organizations will launch The book of life as an integrated tool for personal development and professional youth and life planning and a healthy lifestyle.